Visit to hypercenter - Parish of Paranhos

The European Heritage Days are an annual initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union, involving nearly 40 countries, with the objective of raising awareness of the importance of heritage protection. In this context, in each country is organized annually on the last end-of-week of September, a diverse program of activities, seeking to provide the population contact with different heritage elements.

The 2015 edition of this event was on the theme Industrial and Technical Heritage. In this context, the Board of Parish of Paranhos took effect on September 26, conducting a tour to several sites representing the presence of industrial activity in the parish, directed by Professor Rui Carreira, ending it with a visit to Old facilities Factory Areosa, which currently host the hypercenter.

The 35 participants in the visit were welcomed and guided on site - hypercenter - by Dr. Paulo Vallada, representative of EPRI (majority owner of the Business Centre), by Dr. Carlos Filgueiras (Partner grandson Manager plant Areosa, Mr. Manuel Caetano) and also by Mr. Antonio Pereira (old grandson general in charge of the maintenance of plant Areosa).